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Getting Ahead with Multiple Bosses

Taking the Whack-a-Mole method to satisfying multiple bosses is likely to leave you exhausted and give your bosses some bruised heads. Kevan Hall, CEO of Global Integration, writes an article about what to do instead.

No More Ice Packs

Competition between your goals and having to prioritize them is normal according to Hall. But how you deal with this knowledge is another matter. If you sit back and wait for one of your bosses to tell you how best to prioritize your work, you will be disappointed, because you are the only person with a complete understanding of the value you bring to multiple bosses. It is an odd phenomenon that having multiple bosses could potentially mean there is less investment in you rather than more, perhaps because you do not completely “belong” to one boss. Thus, it is up to you to manage your goals and growth. In the process, you might create your own distinct identity as a company employee. You can read the full article here:

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