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5 Simple Ways to Be a Good Boss

Are you just starting out as a boss, and getting conflicting reports on what makes for a good one? Anne Fisher provides five basic tips in an article for Fortune, citing the advice of clinical psychologist Noelle Nelson.

Secret Sauce for the Boss

First, always offer to help people when it is practical, and be humble enough to ask for help yourself when the situation really requires it. People will remember your generosity and humility. Second, if you need to critique someone, do it in private. Yelling, “You’re an idiot, you doofus!” will not inspire confidence. Be willing to take a critique yourself, recognizing that you never have total oversight over a work environment, and you need to consider useful insights from the people who work with and around you. And in order to keep things professional, do not bring your personal problems to the workplace, and help employees seek professional assistance if they come to you with personal problems. Lastly, do not gossip. Because, I mean, come on. You can read the original article here:

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