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3 Priorities for Enterprise Applications in 2015

In cases you haven’t noticed, the market for enterprise apps is booming. But in many cases it’s also busting, since for every successful app there are plenty that fail. Sameer Bhatia offers clear instruction on how to ensure your next enterprise software launch is delivered into the loving arms of a target user community. The solution, argues Bhatia, starts with software vendors.

#1 – Feature Creatures

The explosion of enterprise apps has resulted in a features race; every vendor wants to make sure that their product has checked all the boxes on the software comparison charts. But features aren’t everything. In fact, too many extraneous features can result in the software becoming overwhelming. The term for this condition is software bloat.

Instead of trying to cover every conceivable contingency, Bhatia recommends focusing on two primary features: software design and mobile support.

#2 – It’s Usability, Silly

Feature quality and functionality are essential, but there are limits to these traits. For instance, a study on customer relation management software (CRM) found that 72% of users said they would abandon functional aspects to gain better usability. That was in 2007. A more recent study conducted in 2011 concluded the same thing, and the current literature merely echoes that demand. Usability is the #1 pain point already!

#3 – Not all Data and a Bag of Chips

And yes, big data is a big deal for many enterprise applications, but high rates of adoption among analytics apps has not proved a silver bullet for most companies. Seventy percent still avoid using such applications to make predictions. The problem is that poor data quality and lack of integration are stifling their effectiveness. A shift away from traditional reports to meaningful “data visualization” is one established remedy.

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