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10 Ways to Get More Done with Less Stress

Stephanie Frank gives you ten quick ways to get more work done so you can take the pressure off of yourself. Begin by cleaning up your desk, so you have a fresh space in which to work. Avoid procrastination and tackle the biggest tasks of the day first. If you are unsure what the next step in a big task is, break it down into more manageable tasks. Schedule one uninterrupted hour a day to focus on “high payoff” activities, going as far as to shut your door and silence your phone. Turn off automatic send and receive email to avoid further distraction, and create a separate email account for receiving newsletters. Play some music or get something scented to improve your mood, and go get a change of scenery if you really need to recharge your batteries. If you travel a lot, streamline the things you bring. And lastly, permit yourself one day a week to goof off and do whatever you want; you have to live some time.

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