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10 Things Really Amazing Bosses Do

Why settle for being a good boss when you can make the leap to amazing? Kevin Daum pinpoints ten traits of the highest level bosses in an article for Inc.

Spectacular, Sensational!

Instead of merely maintaining control and getting things done, the amazing boss (whom we will abbreviate as AB moving forward) will create an atmosphere of “expansive thinking” to empower employees to match big challenges with big solutions. The AB does not just foster a community but seeks to build a culture of high-minded people who are doing the right types of work. Employees are likewise encouraged and expected to speak up about concerns and ideas to improve processes. The AB can inject a sense of creativity into what would be otherwise mundane tasks. Every meeting is a productive use of time, because employees understand how to structure and lead them. The AB integrates individual learning into job descriptions so that employees are always learning to make the company a better place. Employees share their successes and accept and analyze their failures, all while maintaining individual accountability. Ultimately, the AB makes employees feel happy, self-satisfied, and enables them to feel more confident about themselves.

You can read the full article here:

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