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Global Snapshot: The CIO’s Uncertain Future

The “unstoppable advancement of digitization” can mean only one thing for the future of the CIO: more technological uncertainty than ever before. In his article for ZDNet, Colin Barker uses a Gartner study to give a global snapshot of predicted IT spending and strategies in 2015.

United States of Maybe Later

US CIOs are faring better than they have in recent times according to Gartner. With an IT budget increase of 0.9 percent, the previous era of financial stagnation appears to be finally passing. Yet that hasn’t thawed the freeze on innovation in a country where, while most chiefs of IT continue to view themselves as digital leaders (54 compared to 43 percent globally), there are not numbers to support a big innovative push. Without the willingness to seriously entertain disruptive technologies, these reluctant forerunners are happy to experiment for now.

UK and Ireland of Integration / Optimism

IT spending is predicted to rise in the U.K. and Ireland as well. But in this region there appears to be more optimism in enterprise IT, with a predicted 21% average investment to IT operations outside of departmental budgets. It seems these two countries are taking IT and business integration quite seriously. Only 40% of the CIO’s time in the UK and Ireland is going to be spent running IT itself.

China Rising

It may come as no surprise that China is on the rise (information-wise). With a hefty 8.5% increase to budgets, this perennial growth continues a much needed climb from a very low base. Traditionally, Chinese IT spend has lagged that of the US and other developed nations. Expect more advances from this dynamic player.

Latin American IaaS / Mobile

In Latin America, budgets are barely budging in a positive direction. Although there is a profound conservatism implied by the region’s spending projection, survey analysis shows a strong support for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) initiatives. Mobile applications will be given a similar priority.

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