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A Play-by-Play for Having a More Energetic Day

In a slideshow at Reader’s Digest, Damon Beres give you tips for having a more energetic day, breaking it down by the time of day.

Time to Go

6 a.m.: Leave your blinds at least halfway open, so that morning sunlight will cause adrenaline to generate in you before you have even woken up. 7 a.m.: Get protein and calcium from your breakfast, like from string cheese with an apple and roasted nuts. 9 a.m.: While still standing, sort all your papers for the day and decide what you can remove and recycle. 10 a.m.: Coffee takes about 45 minutes to really activate, so drink it now. 11 a.m.: Avoid snacking! Noon: Eat lunch; then take a 20-minute walk. 2 p.m.: Try to wedge in a 10-15 minute nap. 3 p.m.: Rest your eyes by looking at something 20 feet away from your monitor for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 4 p.m.: Do some stretches. 5 p.m.: Wind down instead of rushing out the door. You can view the full slideshow here:

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