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Avoid These 3 Service Desk Pitfalls

There are three powerful business phrases that, if taken to their logical extremes, will ruin your customer’s service desk experience. The phrases are consolidation of resources, delivering value, and customer service. A post for Service Desk 360 explains.


The contemporary service desk owes its existence to a single concept: consolidation. It was the push for consolidation that transformed the service desk out of the traditional help desk. However, taken to its logical extreme, consolidation is morphing many personalized service desks into obnoxious call centers. Why would this result be considered an improvement if most customers hate an “overtly structured approach” to service?

When Good Ideas = Bad Outcomes

The answer lies in the fact that good suggestions, if taken too literally, can become bad outcomes:

 …contact centres are like this…because they too have tried to streamline the calling process, tightly scripting the calls to funnel customers to the conclusion they seek.  Their aim is to reduce call times, push people to the right place and resolve the call without need for follow up.  The problem is by following this mentality to its logical conclusion, they create an awful, impersonal experience for the customer.

A Soul in the Machine

Although the service desk acts to various degrees as a well-oiled machine, it should not treat your human customers like one. A common error lies in the belief that all value can be equated to cost savings. A call should not have a price tag, and assigning one will almost certainly make the customer feel that their time is being devalued to save money. The proper approach is to focus on solving problems for your customers, and this involves taking the time to get a deeper grasp of trending problems and their requisite fixes.

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