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Tricking Yourself into Looking at Problems with a Fresh Perspective

When you really get good at solving a problem in a certain way, you start to forget there are other, possibly better ways to solve problems. Josh Linkner writes for Fast Company with tips to trick yourself into thinking like a novice again.

Back to the Embryonic

Pretend that this is your first day on the job. What parts of your process that you take as a given are actually just things you are used to doing? Another thing to do when presented with a problem is that about how someone in a different profession would approach the problem. Alternatively, you can pretend you are a totally different person. How would Super Mario solve your current problem? To really think about your problem in the abstract, consider how someone two hundred years in the past would have to tackle your current situation. These tips might sound silly, but when you are desperate, you will probably try anything. You can read the full article here:

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