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4 Ways to Improve the Odds That Your iOS App Will Succeed

As it stands, a newly minted app is but a tiny drop in a pool of millions (1.2 million to be more precise). This is the plain reality laid out by mobile app development firm Worry Free Labs. Though some companies are endowed with substantial financial clout to run mass advertising campaigns, there are a few tips for operations that don’t enjoy such vast resources.

4 Tips for App Stardom

  1. Build with Market Research
  2. User Analytics
  3. The Grassroots Campaign
  4. Launch a Marketing Campaign

Right from the start, a successful market research strategy can make all the difference – literally; it can differentiate your product, set it apart from the app “horde.” Using a traditional SWOT and/or PEST analysis can help your developers tap into the real needs of real potential customers. Once your app is out there, get feedback on its status by any means! Well, not just any means. Worry Free recommends among other tools Google Analytics and Flurry. Put your user experience and user interface designs to the test by tracking download numbers, revenue trends, customer reviews, etc.

Then there is the case of the incredible but unhappy app that nobody seems to notice. This app obstacle calls for a grassroots campaign that employs blogging, social media, and (as a last resort, because it requires money) some simple but eye-catching advertising.

Finally, a serious app development team will not go the distance without a robust marketing campaign. Since there is no foolproof strategy for elevating an app to stardom and revenue generation, Worry Free recommends the creation of apps that are just plain useful. Organic growth, though a test of a team’s patience, is a surefire way for web-worthy apps to succeed.

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