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4 Ways Building a Better Brand Attracts Better IT Talent

Employer branding is nothing new, but the talent your company needs to stay competitive is. That’s why Sharon Florentine recommends placing employee engagement at the center of your enterprise branding strategy. In an article for, Florentine highlights four ways for attracting the best by looking your best – as a company.

Your Employees are ‘Out There’

Due to the power of social media, employees are at liberty to vent about bad company posture through channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Glassdoor. One way to ensure that your company’s brand is being promoted favorably is to make your employees happy.

Also, happy employees are happy workers, and happy workers are more productive overall. A 2014 social recruiting survey shows that the best talent comes from referrals. That’s a powerful concept: good employees draw in more good employees. An added perk is that referral employees cost less if you subtract expenses like training and onboarding. Any instance where an employee interacts with the outside world, whether it’s through email, phone, or chat, will give the outside world an overall impression of that person’s company.

Attracting Young Talent

This concept is especially important if you consider that the “person in the outside world” could be a young up-and-coming employee. The next generation of workers is thoroughly invested in the idea of value-based work. That is, they’re concerned with a broader set of personal and social awards beyond basic compensation. Really, at the end of the day, employee engagement is something a company should do automatically, as Michelle Roccia of Winter Wyman expresses in Florentine’s article:

“No one is successful without employees – that is why engagement is so critical to the branding of the company. If you’re a software company, you can’t build software without people. If you’re a database company, you can’t have a database without people. At the very core, every business’ most valuable asset is people and the skills and knowledge they bring with them. So, you need to focus there, and do the right thing for your people. In the short term, it may not seem like the most profitable business decision, but in the long term, it’s always the right decision.”

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