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10 Longtime Brainstorming Techniques that Still Work

Your tried-and-true method of problem-solving might not work anymore, but tried-and-true methods of brainstorming could help to fix that. John Boitnott lists ten of them in an article for Inc.

A Cognitive Storm

Use ‘teleport storming’ to imagine how differently you might approach a problem from a favorite spot of yours rather than your office. Use figuring storming to imagine how someone else, like a boss or celebrity, would tackle the problem. Use superstorming to imagine a super power that would help you get the job done easier, and decide why that power helps. Use ‘Medici effect’ storming to seek parallels from ideas that might not immediately seem similar, such as comparing your problem to how a famous person solved a bigger, different problem. Use group ideation storming to… brainstorm in a group. Use reverse storming to think about ways to prevent the completion of your goal, and thus find your real solution by process of elimination.

Then there are a few more straightforward methods left over. You can ‘mind the gap’ by plotting the actions that take you from where you are now to where you want to be. You can draw out a mind map to create a literal and comprehensive image of your problem. You can use blind writing to just jot down random new ideas on a page for ten minutes. And finally, you can use a less severe version of superstorming, where you just pretend to change one aspect about yourself and see where that leads you. You can read Boitnott’s original article here:

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