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CIOs: Get Crackin’, Customer Experience is King

CIOs know what their job is, and they know how to do it well. But they cannot magically be in a million places at once to monitor customer experience – or can they? Stephan Thun, writing for CIO Insight, shares his knowledge about the changing landscape of customer experience. Businesses are listening closely. Is IT?  

The Gold Standard is Service

If managing internal IT affairs wasn’t enough, the CIO is now tasked with babysitting legions of nitpicky customers. Why the CIO? Because they are the masters of digital technology, and digital technology is the gold standard of the modern economy:  

The growth of technology and its influence on every aspect of a customer's life has brought about transformation in the field.  Today's consumers share experiences through a variety of channels. Take, for example, the video of a delivery service employee tossing a monitor over a fence, which racked up 9.5 million views and counting on YouTube.  People constantly communicate using their smartphones, via social media, instant messaging, emails and SMS. Gone are the days when the occasional overripe banana could be forgotten. If their experience is out of the ordinary, chances are consumers are going to let someone else know about it.   Another Home Run for the Business

The solution, says Thun, is for CIOs to step up to yet another plate, to use their superhuman powers to do what the average business person cannot. Of course, the magic voodoo juice is technology, and if the CIO knows anything, it’s how to turn intractable challenges into technological wins. Thun makes some recommendations, such as inventing a genius program to leverage customer information across the entire known universe (just the business, actually).  

The truth is that, at some point in the all-too-near future, some savvy high achiever CIO is going to crack the code of customer experience for his or her business. Wouldn’t it be nice if that person were you? Find the original article at:

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