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So You Want an ITSM Revolution? Why an Evolution is a Better Start

Take a look at the IT world around you. What do you see? Radical changes, a search for innovation, dissatisfied customers, ITSM trouble? Now, take a step back.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the things that aren’t perfect, that we forget to look at the progress that’s been made. That’s the message that Rob England has for IT workers everywhere. Current problems with ITSM and ITIL are causing a lot of strong emotions, but IT isn’t about the politics.

There will always be different opinions on the best way to get the job done, but there’s a fine line between revolution and evolution. Before you throw all the past processes out the window, it’s time to look at the slow but steady progress that’s been made. IT professionals work extremely hard at what they do, but England reminds us that a sense of entitlement is a dangerous thing. Be willing to compromise. Be willing to recognize there are other ways to do things. But never forget the progress that’s already been made.

About Rachel Ginder

Rachel Ginder was a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success and joined the team in 2013. She also helped with social media and research.

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