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5 Ways CES 2015 Could Inspire a CIO’s Strategic Thinking

With flashy gadgets like smart laundry machines, curved smartphones, and wearables abounding, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be pretty obnoxious. How do you know which items are worth the fanfare and which will be left on the curb? According to Schane Shick in an article for IT World Canada, you wait for the opinion of CIOs:

Except in a few highly controlled industries, you don’t have to do much to convince CIOs they should pay attention to what comes out of the show, even if they’re just watching from afar, like I am. If anything, CIOs should be looking at CES as an opportunity to get in front of technologies that could help employees and customers rather than have them foisted upon them later. This is their moment to act as master curators of everything IT — even IT that is aimed more at personal than professional use.

CES Battle Tactics

The CIO has many tactics he or she could use when sorting through the deluge of information streaming out of each CES. Schick highlights five:

  1. Look for User Experience Enhancements
  2. Customize your Filter for Home Base
  3. Talk Security with Vendors
  4. Observe Noteworthy Pageantry
  5. The Ultimate Information Management Challenge

The key to finding the true gems lies in understanding what users want and what they expect out of new technology. CIOs should covet these innovations by either investing in them directly or by stealing a few ideas for use in their own projects. Of course, one must always have a filter that selects only what is useful for one’s company or office of origin. And speaking of origins, not all parties who are interested in CES come from legitimate businesses, and CIOs should be eager to talk security with promising vendors.

An Experience to Take Home

Aside from the goods being showcased, CIOs ought to pay attention to the pageantry. Some companies have gotten very innovative about how they present their ideas. As presenters of ideas themselves, CIOs should take notes. Their next PowerPoint presentation just might raise a few eyebrows. As it turns out, approaching the CES with these tips in mind provides the CIO with a good exercise in information management.

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