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10 Ways to Ruin an Employee Evaluation

If you drop the ball with someone’s performance evaluation, it could be a year before you get around to picking it back up. Jeff Haden writes for CBS MoneyWatch about ten things to avoid in your evaluation.

Never Again

Self-evaluations are a waste of time; forget about them. Only raise an issue with the employee if you have examples to back it up. Discuss negative personality traits, but put emphasis on individual behaviors versus the person’s entire personality. Make sure you span work from the whole year, not just the last two months, and incorporate what you talked about in the last evaluation. Do not “over-rate” them to motivate them; keep it real. Do not compare one employee to others, or ask stupid questions, or answer employee questions without having all the facts. Likewise, do not make promises you cannot keep. For the full story on this list of don’ts, read the whole article here:

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