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How to Tell Your Boss ‘No’—Without Saying ‘No’

In an article for Forbes, Sara McCord runs through a few different work scenarios where you can say no to your boss without literally saying “No.”

No Means No, and Not No Means No Too

When you truly do not have time to accept more work, you can ask your boss to help you reprioritize your project list, both so that your boss understands your workload and so that you can be given an official OK to downgrade the importance of some of your work. In a case where you disagree with the strategy, ask if you can throw another idea into the mix. If the boss says no, you can either roll with it or, in extreme cases, express your deeply rooted concerns. And lastly, in a situation where you just do not feel like doing the work… suck it up and do it anyway. Such is life. You can read McCord’s full article here:

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