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Hiring the Right People for the Service Desk

More people, more problems, some would say. Arvind Parthiband at The ITSM Review has a slightly more nuanced opinion regarding the hiring challenges faced by IT service managers. Effective recruiting is a team sport, involving an array of departments from HR right through to marketing.

Figure it out

  • The Position
  • The Pay
  • Employee Expectations
  • Where to Find Candidates?
  • Candidate Shortlisting
  • The Interview Process

It may seem unnecessary to point out that you’ll need the right man or woman for the job, but don’t forget to change your specifications with the changing needs of the service desk.

People cost money, so you’ll need to work out how much money is available to hire someone new for the service desk. You might already have a “default” salary range for analysts, but salaries change over time and you get what you pay for, so you might need to revise your budget.

If you have ‘more problems’ at the service desk and you need an experienced individual who requires ‘more money,’ then it is best to make a business case before you hire.

What kind of candidate will you be hiring with the amount of money you are offering? Additionally, how will they perceive your company’s reputation? Of course, the best candidates are already working for a good company, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay. Hone into social networking websites like LinkedIn and Facebook to locate the ideal people.

Once you’ve got droves of individuals flocking to be hired, it pays to have a chat with them rather than relying on the quality of their CV or Résumé. What’s more, a well prepared interview will ensure that you’re not just reading through his or her CV. Verify what you (ideally) already know about them, then move on to confirm that they’re the right fit, both culturally and in terms of expertise.

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