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5 Reasons Internet of Things Scares Your IT Department

If you thought BYOD was scary, prepare yourself for part two of an invasion of the body snatchers. But this time the aliens will be FitBits and other wearables that enter the workplace as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Not particularly threatening? Consider the perils of a smart coffee maker, and who knows what other “ordinary” devices will suddenly be replaced with versions that communicate with the Internet unnoticed by IT. Dirk Paessler of Fierce CIO believes there are five reasons for IT to fear the gear that Gartner analysts predict will be fully present by 2020. 

Five Freaky Phenomena

  • Security Threats
  • Data Overload
  • Compatibility Crisis
  • BYOD All Over Again
  • IT’s Problem

Paessler argues that people will not be able to resist the temptations of these “things.” Employees will purchase them outside of work, but eventually the things will start to infiltrate the office as well. For IT, this will be a security nightmare come true, as each new device represents a separate endpoint that can introduce viruses or act as a tool of corporate espionage.

Furthermore, these devices will propagate swarms of data that require increased storage capabilities. Each device may operate using a different system from a different manufacturer, making compatibility another nightmare to consider. Organizations will need to counter this invasion with bring your own thing (BYOT) policies. It worked during the last invasion of smartphones and tablets. It might just work again.

The scariest part of the IoT invasion is that IT will be responsible for bringing security and restoring order to the workplace. As soon as every other department’s devices start connecting to the Internet, IT will be called in like the National Guard to take over the policing responsibilities of local departmental staff. Just when you though your outfit was secure and safe…

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