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10 Ways to Improve ROI of Your Software

When it comes to software, there’s no telling how many useful tools the end user is overlooking. Even the globally popular Microsoft Word has more features on its dashboard than the average individual has the time or ability to comprehend. Therefore, as Mary Shacklett for TechRepublic recommends, an effective IT governance strategy takes account of software ROI. Here are ten simple ways to do it:

Software ROI for Dummies

#1. Evaluate Usage
Secure the Input Channel
. Check for Scalability
Confirm Product and Service Support

To begin with, simply monitor how often specific features and functions of the software are used. Are employees getting the most out of the solution? Join a user council / committee to take full advantage of your vendor. Another important consideration is scalability – not just (as some suppose) a matter of processing power and capacity, but the ability for software to map onto expanding business needs. Speaking of need, you’ll want a provider who can be there when things go wrong. Including an SLA in every commercial software contract is absolutely essential.

#5. Ensure Easy Integration
Estimate Time to Deploy

Before software is purchased, verify that it will be integrated effectively into your existing system. Similarly, in the pre-adoption stage, determine if the length of deployment will affect or otherwise disrupt any critical business strategies.

#7. Evaluate Contract Options
Discover Excellent Training

The only thing that never changes is change itself. Keep that in mind when adopting a software contract and always vie for short-term commitments. Additionally, what’s the use of software if it can’t be properly used? Always adopt solutions from vendors that provide the necessary manuals and training.

#9. Measure Satisfaction
. Gage Business Value

Do your end users find the software product effective? No? Then it is high time to consult with the vendor to work out the relevant pain points. Finally, your software must always be doing something for the enterprise. A lack of ROI means there is simply no use for the software.

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