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Why You Can Never Finish Anything and How to Change It

Some of us have a really easy time starting projects and a really hard time finishing them. Jane Porter writes for Fast Company about how to change our habits for the better.

Finish Line, Every Time

The three main reasons why people do not finish projects are a fear of failing to impress, fear of setting the bar too high, and not wanting to put an end to an enjoyable task. There are few ways to overcome these things. First, stop wasting time and energy worrying about the negatives. Claiming to be a perfectionist is no excuse either; nobody is impressed with a rocking chair that is perpetually almost able to rock. Statistically, claiming to “work better under pressure” is not true either. But the big thing that stops people from getting work done is they look too much at the daunting big picture and not enough at the small steps that get them to the finish line. For elaboration on the points raised here, you can read Porter’s full article:

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