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What to Do if You’re Afraid to Use Your Vacation Time

Maybe you are afraid the boss will disapprove, maybe you think you are too valuable, or worst of all, maybe you think nothing will change without you. Whatever the reason, people are afraid to use their vacation days. Alison Doyle writes about how to assuage those fears.

Operation: Vacation

Schedule your vacation long in advance so that the boss has no excuse to be upset. Start spending an extra 30-60 minutes a day at the office for weeks in advance of the trip in order to account for the time you will be away. Check if other coworkers are willing to pick up the slack for you (and vice versa) while you are gone. And when you return from vacation, do not flaunt how great it was. Gloating about your time at the beach will not make their lives in the trenches any sunnier. For more useful tips, you can read the full article here:

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