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Scoping Your IT Initiative: Do You Need Portfolio, Catalog, or Requests?

Scope: it’s essential to an effective ITIL strategy. And if you’re going to understand proper scope, you’re going to need comprehension of three basic terms, each connected in a chain of customer satisfaction that will vary according to you organization’s needs. Mika Salo explains these three terms at his blog, How to ITIL.

A Cascade of IT Service

  • Service Portfolio
  • Service Catalogue
  • Request Catalogue

First off, a service portfolio is the basis of customer requirements that need to be linked to IT support. The actions of IT are driven by customer satisfaction. The format of this portfolio is at your discretion. Second, the service catalogue describes the IT services offered to the customer and expresses a number of limitations and commitments. It often comes in the form of a sales brochure. And finally, when it comes to the request catalogue, the user should expect an online portal where requests are bundled for consumption with the ability to add, change, move or delete available content.

In combination, these IT service attributes should have a net positive impact on the customer experience, though each aspect should contribute in its own way (and in appropriate scope): the service portfolio verifies that IT services are developed on customer needs present and future, the service catalogue is based on business outcomes determined by the service portfolio, and a request catalogue delivers quality content as a result of a well-defined service catalogue.

As you can see, each attribute flows into the other to complete a continual stream of IT customer satisfaction. Together, they determine the scope and ambition of your IT service.  

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