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Fixing Your Supply Chain BI Project

Ray Major, writing for Smart Data Collective, believes strongly in the human element of business intelligence. An ability to look objectively at “just the facts” can be the difference between useful insights and just wasting time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of irrational people out there who can look the data in the face and still be completely blind to its implications. Major comes up with four ways to go on championing smart business intelligence against all the irrational people out there.

Rational Strategies

  • Remind people that data doesn’t kill dreams.
  • Disarm the barbarians.
  • Remind everyone how you got there.
  • Hold the trump card and be ready to play it when necessary.

Data enables dreams much more than it kills them, because it outlines a clearer path of where innovation can occur. You can disarm irrational concerns in advance by addressing the uncomfortable parts of change. Remind everybody that you are going down this road because “trusting your gut” has lost its effectiveness. But leave nothing to chance. Get executive buy-in so that BI becomes your way or the highway.

In order to learn more about the challenges of persuading your more stubborn-minded peers, you can read Major’s full article here:

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