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Not Managing Your End Points? Then You Don’t Have an IT Service Desk

A person who sits at a desk could be anyone. Give that person better visibility and control of endpoints, however, and now you have a bonafide service desk manager in your employ. As Christian Nagele writing for Tech Guru Daily sees it, without these two facets of ITSM, they’re just another desk jockey.

Endpoint Management Solutions

Let’s start with endpoint management. One of its main benefits is the lowered costs of owning and running a PC, with hundreds in savings annually. This, in turn, has the overall effect of generating reduced support call times, fewer support tickets, less user downtime, and improved productivity. What’s not to love?

Nagele argues that the current value from corporate endpoint management solutions is negligible, leaving service managers to the mercy of ‘discovery’ tools that furnish little in the way of CMDB information.  With only a scant helping of remote support technology, ITSM is often ill-equipped for the modern workplace.

To emerge from the Dark Ages of complex and cumbersome service desks, ITSM might perhaps embrace cloud-based endpoint management solutions, such as service desk visibility for all devices through a unified display. Nagele continues:

We need technology that is delivered on a SaaS model that can scale seamlessly across all devices, without breaking the bank and without the need to beg new servers from IT Technology that is simple to use, that can be exploited by everyone in the team, from 1st through to 3rd line, to maximize the ROI. Technology that is light on the device and light on the network, and overlays the core 'inventory' capability of traditional discovery tools with proactive monitoring, and a level of device management to keep the end user functioning. Technology that integrates into the incumbent service desk technology without the need for an army of over-paid consultants onsite for 2 weeks.

The Ultimate ITSM Triumph

It’s likely that Nagele’s proposed solutions will not come easy. After seven years of attempted improvements, there is still a need to get a plethora of different devices to scale over any network, and to do so affordably for the service desk. Yet in the end, the triumph will be a truly dexterous service desk that knows what devices are owned, where they are, and how they are faring.

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