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How to Find the Right Provider to Complete Your ITSM Project

So you’re having trouble locating an ITSM service provider? Amy DeMartine summarizes her Forrester report findings in an article at Computerworld UK to help you find a solution.

Q: ITSM Inquiries

There are a number of reasons for needing new ITSM, but a few are especially popular:

  • Upgrading / Migrating to a New Product.
  • Knowing which ITSM providers work with particular ITSM products.
  • Revitalizing Services through Best Practices.
  • Revolutionize Services through Automation and Self-Service.

A Method for Sourcing Providers

One approach that is guaranteed to work: extracting a list through ITSM tool vendors. The tool vendors know which ITSM service providers to recommend because those providers are their implementation partners. And having a referred list of providers allows one to get a better gist of the overall market.

Once the list is ready, you can narrow the search by sorting based on client revenue sources and the implementation services that are relevant to your company’s clients. DeMartine recommends furthering this approach:

Because this list of vendors is limited, you can use the criteria included in the report to rate other ITSM implementation service providers you are interested in and compare them against the ones included in the report.

 A: ITSM Suggestions

She offers some additional tips. For instance, one can improve the selection process by choosing a vendor that knows old and new tool sets. This will ensure that your company’s service needs are met, with important tools retained and redundant tools eliminated. Furthermore, to find the optimal pairing of provider, you might want to recruit a professional evaluator or compare your project requirements with the skill sets of relevant vendors.

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