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Circumventing the IT Department: ‘It’s Kind of a Given’

In a blog for IT Business Edge, Don Tennant interviews virtualization and cloud practice director Kent Christensen about businesses who give IT the slip. There’s no question that circumvention is a common phenomenon. But Tennant wants to know: Are businesses essentially at fault, or is this practice a result of some negligence on the part of IT?

Under Pressure

As Christensen explains, business people are under a great deal of pressure to achieve specific outcomes. They might find a workaround or make use of a third-party vendor simply to save time and to drive home their objectives. If IT isn’t offering solutions proactively, can the business really be blamed?

Then again, businesses don’t often think last-minute IT solutions through in advance:

When the CFO or the CEO says, “I want to go to the cloud to save money,” have they actually done any analysis to see if it does save money? Have they thought all the implications through? More often than not, they haven’t gone through how much it will cost, whether it’s secure, etc. The business unit might just be going in and doing it, and it’s acceptable under their budget, but it hasn’t boiled all the way up to ask whether this is an acceptable way to be getting IT services.

Laying Down the Track

Can IT departments market their services to the company they work for? The answer is that they can and are. For instance, Cristensen’s company Datalink helps IT outfits deliver up services to their respective businesses. When dealing directly with a business, Datalink tries to bring the IT side to the table. It’s a practice that helps link the two sides, bringing benefits to each. It may be necessary for the business to transfer some technical responsibilities over to IT, or to encourage IT to initiate collaboration with the business. Basically, it doesn’t matter which side starts laying the track so long as the connection is eventually made.

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