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CIOs in Europe Say BYOD Is Stalling

Is Europe’s vanishing Bring Your Own Device trend a sign of things to come for BYOD in the US? According to Tom Kaneshige, it depends on who you ask. In a blog for CIO, Kaneshige offers several statistics from the intelligence firm IDC. The figures show that, contrary to initial predictions, European employees are no longer interested in BYOD. 

The Demise of BYOD?

Forty-one percent of European companies have no BYOD strategy and do not plan to implement one. If the IDC conclusion gives one a reason to pause, then consider a separate survey, one that shows a similar anti-BYOD trend developing in the US. Kaneshige qualifies the notion of failing US BYOD by citing the existence of multiple studies that suggest otherwise:

To be fair, many U.S. surveys also show BYOD adoption going like gangbusters. Spiceworks, a network for IT professionals, released results from a survey of more than 1,100 tech pros showing that 68 percent of organizations support BYOD today. Among them, 60 percent support personal smartphones, 51 percent support tablets, and 38 percent support laptops.

It is possible that there are cultural forces at work to explain the difference in BYOD usage. John Delaney of IDC says that European employees often expect companies to pay for devices, an assumption less tenable for their US counterparts.

But there are reasons to believe that BYOD in the US will decline. Kaneshige cites the recent IBM-Apple partnership, which will bring the integration of iOS devices into the enterprise. Additionally, the arrival of the Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) option threatens to derail the BYOD phenomenon. With companies sponsoring the use of these devices, workers will have less incentive to bring their own. 

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