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10 Tips for Leading through Epic Changes

As in a Homerian epic, leading a highly trained IT work force through difficult changes on the path to innovation requires the skills of a fictional hero. But rest assured. Joseph V. Gulfo in a blog for Fast Company shares ten feats for realigning high achievers to disrupt the status quo, bringing victory for the entire team. 

The 10 Feats of Heroic IT Change

I. Accepting Inherent Limitations: Be realistic about changing a complex set of factors and aligning a diverse set of personalities around a central goal.

II. Avoiding Fearful Changes: Avoid giving the core project team things to worry about, by changing only what is pertinent to the business or project trajectory.

III. Proclaiming Each a Leader: Give them something to be in charge of even if the necessary changes have not yet been properly implemented.

IV. Ushering them into the Process: Let central team members into the change process so they can assess the problems for themselves and understand the value of your directives.

V. Adopting their Ways: Learn from the important members even as you strive to alter the status quo. Put the focus on how they have taught you to improve their processes.

VI. Staying off the High Horse: Resist the urge to say “because I said so.” Instead, adopt a supportive stance to avoid reactivity or retrenchment on the part of your core team.

VII. Exuding Unmatchable Talent: Display not power, but talent, if you wish to gain the respect of the team. Doing what others cannot do will add credibility to your stance.

VIII. Identifying the Change Masters: Parse out the leaders from the super-leaders, individuals that are particularly primed to help you make organizational changes.

IX. Being Unhurried: Sudden acceleration will do you no good. Why risk losing the good faith of these experts if everything is working according to plan?

X. Calling-Out the Stragglers: After the key players are drawn around the new status quo, it’s time to stop being cautious and call the rest of the team on board.

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