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Why You Should Invest in Training Your IT Team

People are expensive. Specifically, employees are expensive. With shrinking budgets and full schedules, why dump a ton of money into training when that money could easily find legs and move on to another company? Jonathan Hassell of 82 Ventures LLC writes for on continuing education in the workplace and on why that education matters, despite the costs.

“Sticking” with the Company

Hassell disagrees with the notion that employee training is a noble but naïve undertaking. He lists several reasons to support his case. Perhaps the most compelling argument is that training bonds employees to the company.

Employees experience a “sticky” feeling when a company invests in their success by shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for training courses designed to improve their skillsets. They feel appreciated and heard, that their employer has (at least some of) their best interests at heart.

Hassell reasons that the skills employees obtain will more likely be used to solve problems within the existing company, than to improve employment odds with a new company. In other words, there is less incentive to leave if one is offered new ways to grow while remaining in place.

Quality People = Quality IT

Training leads to qualitative improvements. Without informed staff, new technology enhancements such as virtualization cannot be maximized as an advantage. And the benefits of increased efficiency, knowledge, and valued skills will compound over time.

Education for IT staff promotes the value of the technology department as a whole, and increases its resiliency in the face of a changing business world. Hassell points to the fact that IT is transitioning from a cost center to a value (perhaps even profit) center from the perspective of businesses. Making this transition means that employees of IT must possess the requisite skills.

Education Venues

Hassell explores several ways to train employees. Such ways include vendor-specific trade shows, instructor-led courses, and video training websites (he lists Pluralsight). Of course, these education venues are all very costly. But as Hassell admonishes, the pay-off is definitely worth the expense.

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