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The Role of Philippine IT in Good Governance

In this .pdf, Francisco Magno and Ramonette Serafica discuss in detail how Information Technology (IT) is deemed vital in fostering national competitiveness amidst a rapidly changing global economy. The Philippines is one of those countries that definitely needs to bolster their potential capabilities in this sector. More so, that having a strong capacity in IT usually translates into making a difference in good governance. Ironically, the country’s current President Benigno Aquino’s main mantra in his government includes anti-corruption and, of course, good governance. Developments in IT offer potentially advantageous effects on governance, especially in rising countries like the Philippines. And there are factual methods in promoting good governance through IT.

IT’s Part

IT helps support good governance in 3 basic ways:

(1) By increasing transparency, information, and accountability;

(2) By facilitating accurate decision-making and public participation; and

(3) By enhancing the efficient delivery of public goods and services. The citizen’s right to gain access to public documents is supported under the country’s constitutional framework.

Today, the levels of IT adoption in the various government units can be categorized into four types. There are those that maintain their own web sites or are on-line, those with local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN), those that are highly computerized, and those with a mixture of manual and computerized work.

Government to e-government

The most plausible solution stated here is to create an e-government with effective management and leadership in order to organize all IT efforts. This is no walk in the park, it needs more in terms of strong political leadership at the highest level, but also the convergence in both national and local fronts. The society in general, as well, would need to play a part in efforts to make this work. Good governance is attainable but it needs true advocacy, acceptance and the right attitude from people. In the end, achieving this will also be an advantage to the country, because maximizing IT and its many uses more often than not translates into good governance and more gain for the nation.

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