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The Cultural Gaps between Enterprise Mobility and Business Intelligence

The mobile workforce is still witnessing the early development of real-time business intelligence (BI), which promises to give users at all levels accessible corporate data through cloud platforms and mobile apps. Will Kelly for TechRepublic interviews a group of top technology management experts on the challenges of this transition.

Continuing the Legacy of BI

Mobile BI faces obstacles regarding business culture and the technology it surrounds. Kelly kicks off the interview with a comment from Quinton Alsbury, CEO of Roambi, on the origins of BI:

“…most BI projects that exist have a pretty long history…BI is a very old industry and has a fairly old set of architecture around it…from the technology, all the way around to the processes, to the data management part of it, all the way up to how reports are generated, etc.”

Data Friendly Users

On the cultural front, things may be improving. Though not unusual to talk about user friendly data, TIBCO Spotfire’s Van Riper talks about the growing number of data friendly users who are adept at digesting BI from mobile interfaces.

Beyond Transcription

Conversely, in a comment from Alsbury, it is noted that organizations familiar with traditional BI tend to misunderstand the process in terms of transcription or even transposition from desktop to mobile. But with mobile, the data takes on a different relevance and needs to be conveyed appropriately, according to the device.

Device Diversity

Francois Ajenstat of Tableau chimes in regarding the idea that business is transitioning to a post-PC world – he argues that it isn’t. Instead, Ajenstat thinks we should view the transition as one of ‘device diversity’ where data delivery is not restricted by the type of device being used, be it PC or mobile.

Fast and Furious BI

Lastly, TIBCO’s Dan White shares his company’s solution to delivering mobile BI to customers on the premise that individuals should have the ability to interpret and act upon large amounts of unstructured information in a rapid fashion. The approach relies on simplicity, speed, and consistency. 

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