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Philippines: Climbing the IT Readiness Ladder

This article from shows the Philippines’ steady and continuous improvement as one of the world leaders in “networked readiness”. The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2014 Global Information Technology Report indicates the country’s ranking has improved 8 notches from its 86th place last year. The WEF’s report also notes that the Philippine government is displaying remarkable improvement regarding this technological aspect. It just shows the Asian country’s willingness to leverage Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to improve growth and well-being. It also shows clear usage increase among the country’s local governments and businesses which includes the political and regulatory framework.

ICT Readiness

The report stated that the Philippines is having “a significant improvement in the perceived efficiency in the country’s legal system and property rights protection.” It also added that “ICT readiness is the other area where the Philippines improves the most, thanks to a more affordable access to ICT infrastructure and better skills, despite the need for higher quality in the educational system.”

Other areas to improve on

Even though the Philippines have set outstanding development, particularly in business usage of ICT, there are still plenty of improvements needed in terms of individual usage. A lot of other areas need particular attention and emphasis as well, although these same regions have shown continued economic progress and the role of ICTs in facilitating innovation, such as the creation of new products and services, as well as organizational models is clearly defined. The skills are there, access as well, but these two need maintenance. Skills? To prevent shortage of skilled IT workers, the need for higher quality education comes in. Access? Continuous updates, technological improvements and the willingness to invest more on these are important.

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