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The 5 Best Bonding Outings for Coworkers

Nearly a third of office workers dislike team-building activities, but don’t let that stop you from holding them anyway. Jessica Harper writes about the five best ways to get coworkers to bond.

The Five That Jive

Volunteering is a good option because it gives back to the community and also provides unexpected opportunities for employees to sharpen their leadership skills. Fitness/sports activities can get people to buddy around while potentially improving their physical and psychological health. Field trips to places like museums can introduce your employees to new ideas. Off-site training workshops and conferences can provide education in areas more directly tied to employees’ expertise. Lastly, just sharing a meal for any reason is a good way to get people bonding. Who is ever angry while they eat? Just remember not to plan any activities that could be potentially embarrassing for coworkers, like a séance. You can read Harper’s full article here:

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