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Indian CIOs & CMOs Need to Bridge the Gap

Despite their similarities, India-based Chief Intelligence Officers (CIOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) still have not found a way to pool resources and efficiently work together. Blogger Manish Bahi attempts to expound on the parallels between the main business concerns of CIOs and CMOs. Evidently, a recent published report shows that top business priorities of CMOs surprisingly mirror that of their CIO counterparts. But there are many reasons why both continue to drive their own agendas.

Main Causes for this CIO-CMO Disconnect

Differences in approach lead to friction. While CMOs pursue business objectives using an outside-in perspective, CIOs use an inside-out approach — and this often leads to friction. CIOs focus more on building a tech environment over a number of years to support business goals, whereas CMOs typically focus on short-term revenue growth. This leads to an expectation gap between the two roles, as CMOs expect CIOs to deliver technology-enabled business capabilities faster.

Past experiences build perceptions on IT. 37% of Indian CMOs feel that IT is too slow to respond to frequently changing customer and business needs and it would be faster just to do it themselves. Moreover, CMOs perceive that the tech management organization is too busy running internal operations and that marketing requests do not get the attention they deserve.

Act now before…

Today's CIO should be broadening the tech management priorities and ramp up their marketing quotient for an effective relationship with CMOs. Even though there are clear differences in approach, both CIOs and CMOs must establish a working relationship with each other. There is certainly no need to grow your own agendas when, clearly, “two heads are always better than one”.

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