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Company Outings: Waste of Time or Great Investment?

Company outings just might be more than a desperate attempt to make coworkers talk to each other. Sales and profits are upwards of ten times as likely to increase in businesses with high employee engagement versus those with low employee engagement. Stats like that warrant company outings for people like Lauren Drell, who writes an article about them for Mashable.

The Great Investment

It has been found that employees often have their best ideas when they are relaxing outside the office, so transplanting employees to a place where they can relax together is advantageous. Plus, when people get to play together like big kids, they forge stronger relationships, and they subsequently work better together. Interestingly, hierarchy also tends to dissolve in these situations, allowing people to more freely interact. For multiple examples of businesses having effective outings, you can read Drell’s full article here:

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