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Develop Your Leadership Style!

In this article for the Manila Bulletin, Ruben Anlacan Jr. talks about how a leader can evolve and progress along with changing times. Of course, you must first know yourself. What works for you? What doesn’t? These are fundamental questions one must address beforehand. Also, one does not need to be a copycat in being a leader. You need to improve and find your own style, your own method of being the chief, the one in charge. Effective leaders have their own distinct approach. They continue to grow as front-runners because they are not afraid to try new things and take necessary, calculated risks.

Getting Rid of the Old Ways…

If you are a company head or executive, it is about time you learn new methods to revamp your leadership style. It might be time to also forget the old ways that won’t work anymore. Here are some new practices to try out:

• Delegate challenging tasks. Let your subordinates take the lead sometimes. After all, the point of being a leader, aside from being the one calling the shots, is to inspire others to improve and eventually become leaders themselves.

• Inject a dose of humor. Try to inject humor to lighten up the mood and motivate your employees. This helps lessen stress. Being funny will also add to your charisma as a leader.

• Get to know your subordinates. Take a day to get a feel of how your subordinates work on their tasks so that you can get a good grasp of their point of view in the corporate structure. Join them in their banters in the break room, have what they are having—by the following days or week, you know how to deal with them better as a leader.

Know yourself. This is always the first step. The same goes for leadership styles. Do not consider stealing other great leaders’ style or be a mere copycat without originality. Recognize your OWN path you need to take for you to become a better leader and develop your unique style of leadership by improving your own weaknesses along the way. Once you master the ability to differentiate your weaknesses from your strengths, it will be second nature to focus more on the latter than the former. Never settle, and keep on improving your leadership abilities.

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