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Stuxnet Creators Defined 21st Century Warfare

But it’s Just a Worm

Stuxnet Changes Global Military Strategy

What was meant by “continuous periodical choking” for attackers was controlling rotor speeds, so centrifuges could be damaged enough to force Iranian engineers, in turn causing continuous delays. A powerful digital warfare indeed, Stuxnet had changed 21st century global military strategy. In addition to manipulating centrifuge rotor speeds, Gonsalves adds,

Stuxnet creators were also interested in monitoring contractors who worked on the Iranian facilities. The malware exploited previously unknown vulnerabilities in Windows, making it possible for Stuxnet to infect contractors' laptops when they were plugged into the Iranian network. Stuxnet then reported the Internet protocol address and hostnames of infected systems back to command-and-control servers.

We now know what is possible with cyber-weapons. In fact, the virus has been reported to have gone rogue, making its way up to space and infecting the International Space Station.

It can definitely be said Stuxnet creators have “pushed the envelope of this new type of digital warfare” and more.

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