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Continuous Improvement of Project Management Practices Is Hard to Do Without a PMO!

When software projects aren’t completed on time, are over budget, or aren’t delivered successfully, companies bring PMOs in to reduce these project failures. Some companies, however, do not see the added value of PMOs to their companies, and will instead hire third-party services providers to execute and adjust practices for them.  In this PM Hut article, author Kiron D. Bondale says that one function that PMOs can do better than any other alternative though is maintain continuous improvement of project management methodologies.

PMOs Do It Better

While a third-party provider could be brought in to make a transformational change, it will be very challenging for any vendor unless they are effectively acting like an internal PMO to work side-by-side on a daily basis with project teams to monitor, gather, and analyze data and refine practices.

PMOs establish consistent project management practices for the company and nobody knows the practices better than the creators themselves, and as Bondale says, bringing in third parties into the mix will be a little challenging. In addition to defining and maintaining standards for project management, a responsibility of PMOs is to continuously improve the practices. After all, to be valuable and stay valuable to a company, a PMO needs to increase the benefits of the work it carries out. An effective PMO will do just that, lending itself as a coach in helping maintain and improving organizational performance.

So next time, before making a decision whether a PMO is valuable to your company, remember that it’s a PMO’s responsibility to develop project management standards, but it’s also in their nature to continually improve practices in order to stay indispensable.

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