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CIOs Struggle to Prioritise, Align

Limited Ability

Three out of four CIOs and IT leaders responded that they were limited in their ability to align with business strategy according to a recent survey performed by ControlCircle (a UK provider of cloud-based services). This article by Chloe Green goes on to share that 79% of those same leaders indicated that they believed IT should be strategic as well as technical.

Here’s the Problem

So where is the disconnect? IT leaders want to be aligned and strategic, but most of them feel as though they can’t make it happen.  According to the respondents, it comes down to supporting too many legacy systems, infrastructures, and applications:

56% of respondents agree that their IT department struggles to meet the volume of business cases being driven from within the business. Additionally, 53% respondents claim that the proliferation of multiple infrastructures and applications, along with their associated monitoring tools, is having an adverse impact on service levels and availability.

When questioned about performance throughout the department, from delivering a consistent quality of service to driving efficiencies, in all but one level, less than a quarter of large organisations could report excellence.

Smaller organizations, according to the article, did better than larger organizations at performance results, though on average only half of IT budgets were spent on business growth.

Read the full article here:

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