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CIOs Must Collaborate to Spark Transformation

At CIOs Perspective San Francisco, there was a consensus among IT professionals that collaboration is instrumental for creating value in the organization. Lauren Brousell reports on it for, and it is accompanied by an excellent video quoting multiple CIOs.

Can’t Start a Fire…

CIOs need to forge strong ties with the C-suite and stay in constant contact. They need to think about how technology can further the goals of the CMO, the CFO, the CEO (etc.) and then be able to convey their strategies using language that the C-suite understands. Think about business over business process, and be a cheerleader for what gains IT can make for the business.

The help flows both ways. CMOs see lack of talent as a major disruptor, and they will often go to the IT department seeking the talent they need. CIOs and CMOs working in tandem can produce a 360-degree view of what the business needs.

But the overall takeaway, if we want to selfishly think just in the box of IT for a moment, is that the CIO needs to always be showing the ways that IT can make the business better. The biggest word that the CFO might know regarding technology could very well be “technobabble,” so it is absolutely up to you find the spots where technology can grease the wheels and spell out the gains that will result from those keen observations.

You can read Brousell’s full article here:

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