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20 Essential Tips for Project Leaders

What It Takes To Be A Leader

Susanne Madsen, project leadership expert, knows exactly what successful project leaders need to do. In this blog post from her site, Madsen goes as far as to share 20 tips for every project leader, starting with spending time pro-actively and delivering on your promises. Both of these involve keeping ahead of simply reacting and instead moving forward with purpose and with trust.

Another notable tip is to adapt your leadership style:

all good leaders adapt their style to the individual they are interacting with. You can do this by providing more guidance to those team members who are inexperienced, by giving more moral support to those who lack confidence and by delegating to those who are both experienced and confident.

Be Flexible

This might seem to counter the standard belief that a good leadership style is always a good leadership style—but that simply isn’t true. If a project leader isn’t able to connect to the person they are speaking to (whether that person is a client or a team member), they will never be effective enough to facilitate project success. So instead of expecting that one size fits all when it comes to leadership style, assume that every person needs something unique—and be willing and able to customize your leadership to fit that need.

Other tips include staying calm in stressful situations and making sure to stand up for the project and for your team. It’s easy to take a side-step when things go wrong—but standing up for your team, good or bad, proves you’re a leader.

Read the full blog post here:

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