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Way Too Many Americans Go to Work While Sick

A survey by NSF International found that more than one in four of those polled said they showed up to work while sick. Davie Jamieson writes an article about the implications.

Make Like a Withering Tree and Sick Leave

A quarter of sick workers believed their boss would require them to work anyway, and 42 percent said the work would pile up too much if they called off. About four in ten private sector workers do not receive sick leave benefits, but even among those who do, many people choose not to call off work until the sickness has hit in full force.

This plan can backfire, because working through sickness can exacerbate your symptoms, as well as present an opportune time to infect your coworkers. If you are definitely going to work while sick, make sure it is for the right reasons, and be smart about it. To learn more about the survey, you can click here:

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