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‘Serendipitous Interaction’ Key to Tech Firm Success

""In one workday at Google, employees might play beach volleyball, soccer, or chess with each other, and that is exactly the way Google likes it. It is called the “Google bump” when unfamiliar employees run into each other and start talking, and these serendipitous meetings have become a major source of innovation within the company.

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Google values these meetings so much that even the layout of the cafeterias is designed in a way that forces people to interact. Facebook too emphasizes freedom in the way it operates, and it is no coincidence that Google and Facebook are the two places where all the talent is congregating these days. If your organization is looking to innovate on the cheap, maybe consider a checkers board or two? If you need more convincing, read this article from NPR about why serendipity is as great as it sounds:

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