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Governance vs Customer Experience

Is Governance Best?

Should you use governance or customer led design? What are the benefits and risks of each? In this article by Toby Moore, these questions are discussed at length, starting with an explanation as to why the current default may well be governance. The reason behind this is multifaceted: IT is more able to say “no” with governance led design, and the economic climate makes this more desirable, as governance reduces cost. But there is also customer led design:

The other end of the spectrum is the Customer Experience led design; here we see design decisions being made based on how we want a customer to feel, then working backwards from there to develop the technical, practical and policy requirements to fulfill the desired experience. Done well, this style of service design can not only greatly empower the customer but the service staff too. This is because the idea of delivering a service with the end goal being the customer walk away feeling as though they had a great experience is far easier to connect to and feel passionate about doing. Delivering a great experience over abiding to a set of rules or policies is something that an individual and a team can put their personality into.

Depends on Focus

 So which is better? It depends on where your focus is, of course. The post explains in an example how a governance-led decision resulted in a (sometimes) 3 day turnaround for a password reset. This was good from a governance perspective, as the reset went through a series of steps which assured a correct process. However, from a customer-led perspective, three days is entirely too long to regain access to a system.

That isn’t to say that you need to forgo governance in order to have a customer-led design operation. Point in fact it’s better to have both governance and customer experience led design in order to gain the benefits of both.

Read the full post here:

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