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FM Global CFO: Know Your Supply Chain

Noelle Knox of the Wall Street Journal has interviewed Jeffrey Burchill, CFO of FM Global, on the subject of risk. His insights might be able to help you better assess your own risks.

Through the Fire and the Flames

During natural disasters such as hurricanes, Burchill says that as long as the shell of a structure is maintained, damage to property will likely be minimized. This means that weather-resistant windows are good, but keeping the roof on the building is most important. If you can build outside of flood zones, terrific, but if not, plan accordingly.

But in general, Burchill says fire is the biggest threat to commercial clients, because everything is shrink-wrapped now and plastic burns fast. Fires however tend to be triggered by human error and machine malfunction, both of which are things you can at least attempt to preempt. For more information on the financial ramifications of risk, you can read Knox’s interview here:

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