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Analytics Journey: A Rocky Road between IT and Business

Analytics are the Key

Analytics has become more and more important as IT is asked to prove the value of the work it performs (and as business depends on analytics to prove that the efforts they are promoting do in fact bring benefits to the company). But there needs to be a relationship between the analytics that IT uses and business uses, though that oftentimes doesn’t occur. As this article by Pearl Zhu explains, it comes down to accountability:

The bottom line is all about accountability. The IT folks usually want to deliver a bunch of reports which are of marginal use and the business group won't take responsibility for what they requested or asked for in the first place. Or the biggest error that the business groups usually make is NOT holding people's feet to the fire by requiring the business users use what they spec out. If you just pass it on to some analysts, it rarely goes too far.

And while technology is a great tool, it’s only as good as the people using the tools. On the other hand, if your IT group is being compensated for checking off lines in a project management/ GANTT chart, then you get what you deserve. The bottom line is that it all about accountability, and last but not least, rewarding those who make the most out of the analytic solution. When the rewards go out for those who USE the data, attitudes change. Reward the analytics champions.

Everyone Needs to Understand “Why”

To get around that problem, Zhu shares a few tips. To begin, the focus must be on why something is being built, not “what” is being built. By this Zhu means that IT must understand the business problem they are trying to solve (and thereby record analytics that relate to that problem). IT and business should also have a “master plan” in place that they both agree on—allowing both to better understand the particular needs and risks that each face.

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