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7 Tips for Working Around Sickness

If you absolutely have to go to work while sick, know that there are better ways than others to be an effective employee during that time. Presh Talwalkar has seven tips for keeping productive.

Working Through the Pain

To begin, remember to get as much rest as you possibly can at home, because frequently coming into work while sick raises the long-term likelihood of you getting sick with something more severe. Use some home remedies for an extra boost. At work, try to reschedule meetings and phone calls to rest your voice. Work in small shifts and take breaks in-between. Spend your time doing the mindless busywork that demands the least energy. Delegate your work or ask for help when you need it. And lastly, practice basic etiquette with coworkers and cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. You can read more from Talwalkar here:

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