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How Much Work Is Too Much Work?

Work, unlike your time on this Earth, never ends. Laura Stack writes an article about understanding when work is taking up too much of your life. She asks you to remember a few things. First, no one is going to die or explode (probably) if you put off a task till tomorrow. Second, prioritize your big tasks and allot time for them accordingly. Putting off big work and having to stay late to finish it is a “self-fulfilling prophecy of overwork.” Set precise times for when you will work and do not overstep them. Remember that family comes first, because jobs come and go, but families do not. You should also get a proper amount of sleep and schedule workouts as precisely as you do your actual work. Use the leftover time that remains to explore a hobby. A big part of avoiding overwork is just finding other worthwhile endeavors to fill up your time. Read the original article here:

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