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Growing in Stature: The International ICT Awards Philippines

I just recently attended this event, held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Manila, and saw the spectacle first hand. The International ICT Awards Philippines was inaugurated in 2007 by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CanCham) together with the Information Technology & Business Process Association – Philippines (IBPAP). The annual event was first proposed by Mr. Richard Mills, then a Vice President of CanCham. In its most recent version, the organizers made good account of themselves by inviting the most pertinent names in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in the Philippine and consolidated every detail that for that night’s occasion down to a tee.

According to CanCham President Julian Payne, what is good for the Philippines in (ICT) business, economy is also good in relation to Canadian-Philippine business. That's the link. That’s why we (CanCham) continue to support the ICT Awards to help grow and develop the IT-based businesses internationally. Market the companies supporting this sector globally. This has become an eagerly awaited annual gala event, which we want to be seen as the “Academy Awards” for the ICT sector here in the Philippines. He also added that their vision moving forward is not only to include Makati, NCR, not just Luzon but the whole spectrum of ICT in this wonderful country. We also want to make sure that the new innovation regarding information technology is efficiently and properly distributed in the entire Philippine region.

Keeping up with the times. This has always been a major objective for this event, aside from recognizing Philippine-based companies as world leaders in terms of being IT business destination of choice.

The significance of the International ICT Awards has certainly developed over the past decade, corresponding that with the ICT industry in the Philippines. The event's main vision is to keep up with a maturing industry and evolving best practices in international IT industry as well as recognize the thriving domestic and diversifying industry in the country. Well, so far, it’s been able to.

Mr. Payne even added that CanCham and IBPAP have improved on the range and features for this 2014 edition of the International ICT Awards:

  • To recognize the thriving domestic and diversifying industry in the Philippines, adding two new award categories:

             – Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year

             – Best Company of the Year outside NCR (National Capital Region – replacing the “Best New IT-BPO Locator of the Year”)

  • To recognize the growing significance of non-voice services, focusing the existing Best Emerging Services Award category exclusively on non-voice services
  • To enhance the value of awards in highlighting just the very best, limiting the number of finalists in each category to a maximum of five, with a Runner-Up as well as Winner to be declared
  • To acknowledge the public interest in transparency in competitive events, publicizing a clear, explicit and weighted set of the criteria for assessing nominees for each award category used 
  • To ensure integrity in judging procedure, publicizing the guidelines used in the selection of the Judging Panel as well as the basic procedures to be followed by the Judging Panel and for appeals
  • To support the trend to a paperless electronic business for cost-efficiency and environmental reasons, setting a mandatory requirement for all-electronic inputs for nominations and all supporting information

The upgrade/improvement has guided the organizers to certify the basic objective for holding the International ICT Awards will always be met, which is to recognize the very best in the ICT industry in the Philippines.

With the continuous evolvement of the IT industry, specifically the IT-BPO industry, the CanCham and IBPAP with this annual event, no less would want to keep up and maintain growth and prestige (if not go beyond) its present standards.

Over the years the event has grown, matured, and received ever-widening recognition internationally as well as within the Philippines. During this time the award categories have been adjusted to reflect changes in the ICT industry. The number of nominees and persons in attendance at the annual event has grown steadily. For this year, the major award categories include:

  1. Best Company of the Year
  2. Best Employer of the Year
  3. Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year (New category)
  4. Best Company of the Year Outside NCR (Replaces “Best New IT-BPO Locator of the Year”)
  5. Best Global In-house Center of the Year (Replaces “Shared Services Excellence of the Year”)
  6. Most Innovative Company of the Year
  7. Best Non-Voice Excellence Company of the Year (Replaces “Emerging Services Company of the Year”) 
  8. Best Voice Excellence Company of the Year (Replaces “Fastest Growing IT-BPO of the Year”)
  9. Individual Contributor of the Year

The category changes are geared towards the betterment of the event, for example, the Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year (which is a new one itself) is really focused on giving recognition on an organization with its roots really on Philippine soil. This award is specifically given to recognize the outstanding Filipino-owned company in the country’s IT-BPM industry deemed to have been the most inspirational role model for the industry and local business community.

Another award is the Best Company of the Year outside NCR – this award is handed out to encourage geographical diversification of the IT-BPM industry by recognition of the outstanding company with a head office and main operations located outside of the Philippine National Capital Region.

These are just some concrete evidence of this event’s organizers unwavering goal of marketing and making this annual celebration made known globally. The CanCham, IBPAP and all their supporters and attendees would want no less than success, not only in the whole Philippine region but in expanding to outlying areas in Southeast Asia as well, to begin with. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand are just some of their market targets. As an evolving best practice, Payne concluded by addressing the audience (including myself) to underline the word International in awards night event title. Because his own and the organizers’ ongoing practice looking ahead: they see this event would grow and develop internationally, not just in this country. Gaining global recognition. Now that would definitely be growth.

Learn more on the International ICT Awards here:

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